MathBitsNotebook - Algebra 2 is a series of lesson and practice pages for students studying a second year of high school Algebra. These materials cover a variety of topics including all standards stated in the Common Core State Standards, and the NY Next Generation Standards for Mathematics.
Materials coordinate with state assessments.

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Attention NY: Regents Exams are still using the "old" PARCC reference sheet.
PARCC is using a new reference sheet.

Calculator: * indicates TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculator reference.
References may aslo be made to the TI-nspire CX.

Read about our "Topic Standards" information at High School Math Topic Standards.
Topic Standards:        rc NGMS   blacktriangleCCSS CCSS
Standard Numbers listed below:
RED (NGMS & CCSS), BLACK (CSSS only), Bold RED (NGMS only)
Number & Quantity:
Radicals & Exponents (& Refreshers)
N.RN.1,2; A.REI.1,2; F.IF.4,6,7b,7e
Complex Numbers (& Refreshers) N.CN.1,2,7

Algebra: (major emphasis category)
Quadratics (& Refreshers)
N.CN.7; A.CED.1,2,3,4; A.REI.1,4,4b,7,11; F.IF.8a,9.

Polynomials (& Refreshers)
A.APR.1,2,3,4,5+,6; F.IF.7c; A.SSE 1a,b,.2 N.CN.8+.9+

Rationals (& Refreshers)
A.APR.6,7+; A.CED.1; A.REI.2

A.SSE.3c; A.CED.1; F.IF.7e,8b; F.LE.2,4,5;

Absolute Value (& Refreshers)
A.REI.11; F.IF.7b

Sequences, Series (& Refreshers)
A.SSE.4; F.IF.3; F.BF.1a,2; F.LE.2

Function Concepts (& Refreshers)
A.REI.11; F.BF.4,4a,5a,6,7; F.IF.5

Function Graphs (& Refreshers)
F.BF.1b,3; F.IF.4,5,6,7b,9

Trigonometric Concepts (& Refreshers)

F.TF.1,2,4,5; F.IF.7e

Statistics & Probability:
Statistical Data (& Refreshers)
S.ID.4a,b,6a; S.IC.1,2;3,4,5,6a,b

Probability (& Refreshers)
S.CP.1,4,7; S.MD.6+,7+

End of the Course Review:
MathBits' Practice Tests (On-line practice)
Interactive (multiple choice and open response)

Past NY Regents Exams (Algebra 2)
Link to Hardcopies from NY SED
Link to Hardcopies from PARCC

Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity
Interactive Review Activity

Interactive Review Puzzle

Graphing Calculator:
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