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* CCSS and PARCC specifically mention AA in relation to similar triangles. Engage NY also mentions SSS and SAS methods.
Engage NY specifies dilations not centered at the origin.
* calculator link
Dilations (properties, definition, scale factors, use on coordinate axes)
Stretches (vertical and horizontal dilations)
not specified in CCSS/PARCC
Similar Figures (definitions, similarity transformations)
Proving Similar Triangles (AA (proof), SSS, SAS)
see * above  
"Side Splitter" Theorem (theorem, converse, proofs, example)
Angle Bisector Theorem (theorem, proof, example)
not specified in CCSS/PARCC
Measurements in Similar Figures (perimeters, areas, volumes)
Proof Problems for Similar Triangles (similar triangles, proportions, products)
Construct: Similar Triangles (Note: this links to Construction section.)
Similarity in relation to Circles Proofs appears under Circles

Practice with Similarity (numerical problems)

REFRESHERS: (while these topics are mostly "review", you may also find new information here)
Transformations - Dilations (intuitive, similarity, on coordinate axes)
Note: this links to the Transformation section.
Ratios and Proportions (rules, properties)