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Directions: These questions pertain to linear equation mixture problems. Read carefully!

You have a 4 quart bottle of 70% pure apple juice. You want to mix it with 90% pure apple juice to obtain 85% pure apple juice. One way of viewing this information is shown below.


How much of the 90% pure apple juice should you use?

6 quarts
8 quarts
  12 quarts
24 quarts

A grocery store sells cashew nuts at $8.00 per pound and peanuts at $4.00 per pound. They want to mix 10 pounds of the cashews with peanuts to create a mixture that will sell at $6.50 per pound.

a. Which equation can be used to find the number of pounds of peanuts needed to create the mixture?

8x + 4x = 6.50
40 + 8x = 6.5(10 + x)
8x + 4x = 6.50(10)
80 + 4x = 6.5(10 + x)

How many pounds of peanuts are needed for the mixture?

4 pounds
6 pounds
10 pounds
12 pounds

A dog food company wants to create a 6 pound sample Halloween mixture of orange and black dog biscuits. The orange biscuits sell for $0.90 per pound, while the custom black biscuits sell for $1.20 per pound. The company wants to sell the sample mixture for $1 per pound. How many pounds of each colored dog biscuit should they use in this sample Halloween mixture?
3.5 lbs orange and 2.5 lbs black
4 lbs orange and 2 lbs black
2.5 lbs orange and 3.5 lbs black
2 lbs black and 4 lbs orange

A trail mix called GORP is made up of raisins, peanuts and M&Ms. A store creates large packages of GORP by mixing one part M&M candies, two parts raisins, and three parts peanuts. M&M candies cost $15 per pound, raisins cost $8 per pound and peanuts cost $3 per pound. If a large package of GORP sells for $7.50, what is the weight of the large package in pounds?
0.1875 pounds
2.5 pounds
1.125 pounds
6.75 pounds

10 fluid ounces of a 2% saline solution is mixed with 22 fluid ounces of a 50% saline solution. What is the concentration of saline in the new mixture?
35% 40%


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