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Notations for Expressing Solutions (roster, set notation, interval notation)
Solving Equations Algebraically (multi-step, parentheses, variables both sides, decimals)
Literal Equations (solve for a specific variable)
Truth Value of Equations (always true, true under certain conditions, always false)
Equations of Straight Lines (slope-intercept, point-slope, standard forms; horizontal, vertical)
Graphing Linear Equations (intercept approach)
Constraints on Equations (limitations placed on a graph)
Types of Word Problems (number, %, age, distance, consecutive integer, $, mixture)
Graphs with Linear "Parts" (piecewise linear, absolute value, step, and story functions)

Applications of Linear Equations Practice (a variety of word problems)
Game (still in development)

REFRESHERS: (review old skills)
Solving One-Step Linear Equations (one-step: add/subtract or mult/divide)
Slope and Rate of Change (slope; independent / dependent variables)
Hitting the Slopes (with Oscar - positive, negative, zero, undefined slopes)
Graphing Linear Equations Refresher (table/chart; slope-intercept)