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Polynomials (definition, degree, leading term, constant, standard form, closure, system, and more)
Polynomials and Algebra Tiles (number bases, base 10, base x, algebra tiles)
Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials (horizontal & vertical methods)
Multiply Monomial by Polynomial (monomial by monomial; monomial by polynomial)
Multiply Binomial by Binomial (distributive, vertical, grid, FOIL methods)
Special Binomial Products (squaring; product of sum and difference; simple cubing)
Multiplication of Polynomials (more combinations of multiplying polynomials)
Division of Polynomials (by monomials or binomials)

Polynomial Basics (degree, identify, closure, vocabulary)
Multiplying Polynomials (combinations of monomials, binomials, trinomials, polynomials)
Dividing Polynomials (dividing by monomials and binomials)
Visualizing Polynomials (working with geometric figures)
Application Problems with Polynomials (using polynomial expressions)

REFRESHERS: (review old skills)
Like Terms (lesson and examples)